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 Hi there! I have been a fan of yaoi and boys love for quite a while now. One of my favourite mangaka's is Fujisaki Kou. 

Kekkon Zenya (The Night Before the Wedding) was just released by SuBLime, which made me quite happy to see sensei's works released in the United States.

I am the owner of the community and hope that there are other fans out there who will want to join and discuss sensei's works!

Since her works are extremely explicit, the community is moderated for 18 and up.

I am once again a university student and work in retail, wish full time though NOT where I am now, and have a 14 year old daughter (also have one that is older and on her own) so I will try and approve any requests as soon as I can. Some days are busier than others.

Wecome and enjoy your stay!